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VIDEO – Catharine MacKinnon on Prostitution: Its Harms, Why It Should NOT Be Legalized, & Trafficking Links

This video is a collaboration between The Hispanic National Bar Association of Florida (HNBA), who organized the 2013 anti-human trafficking conference at which the keynote talk in this video was […]

When Emily Was Sold for Sex – NY Times

BOSTON — Emily, a 15-year-old ninth-grader, ran away from home in early November, and her parents are sitting at their dining table, frightened and inconsolable. The parents, Maria and Benjamin, […]

Aisha’s Story

This didn’t happen all of the time, but sometimes guys would bring a porno and insist we turn it on and watch it together. Then they would demand I copy […]

Mike’s Story (told by his wife)

My ex-husband was addicted to pornography since he was a child. His father would give him Playboy magazines from the time he was 10 on and said that was how […]