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Stories from the Blog

Former Porn Star Becca Brat

I met a XXX performer who was feature dancing at the club I worked at. She introduced me to her brother and we started dating. Within 2 weeks I packed […]

Former ‘Porn Star’ Jessi Summers

I did around 60 films in the time I was in porn and managed to get herpes and had gonorrhea or chlamydia countless times. My agent that was so close […]

Former Danish ‘Porn Star’ Anita Remby

What porn gave me was debt, diseases and people who think I’m a used up whore.

Former ‘Porn Star’ Mahlia MIlian aka Nyesha

My worst day was when I was forced to use a sponge to do a scene because it was already booked and my monthly came early I had never did […]