Forced sex acts between a trafficked woman or child and a “John” are often filmed and photographed.

Reports from victims, pimps, Johns and law enforcement show that the recorded footage is used in a number of ways:

Uploaded to the Internet for mass consumption. Footage is often uploaded to popular sites that share user-generated content for free and is sometimes uploaded to pay-for-porn sites as well. There is no way to always tell the difference between “consensual” acts and “forced” acts in porn. Regular users of Internet pornography will very likely view material frequently that has been created during the trafficking of women and children.

“Pimps” use the images as advertisements for selling their victims again.  Traffickers often upload the images to popular websites such as or, or use on flyers as a means to entice buyers.

There have been many reports that “pimps” will manage their own porn sites as a way to make even more money.  This enables them to get paid not only for the initial exchange, but to continue making money even after the “John” has finished. Some victims have explained that they are required to maintain the websites themselves and to update them with new content frequently.

“Johns” use their recordings as keepsakes and mementos, and sometimes share them on “bragging” forums with other men who buy sex.

 Trafficked women and children are sometimes used in the the increasingly popular form of pornography today called “Live Porn” in which a performer is in front of a webcam. There are many different types of these sites. For example: a John/viewer relays requests, often for torture, through chat and within seconds the requests are filled (“Be your own porn director!”); live stream the raping of girls by “johns” with others watching via the webcam; girls/children forced to perform and then the footage is sold later to an exclusive buyer or uploaded for free to draw more viewers in.

Forcing women and children to perform simply for the production of pornography.

Trafficking for the purpose of porn — especially live porn — is increasingly popular. There is an unyielding demand for pornography and as porn users become desensitized to material, they often demand much more violent and degrading acts. Pimps have capitalized on this and found that they can make more money and remain anonymous much easier by getting into the business of creating porn. Running a “virtual brothel” is safer and easier for them than selling girls on the street.

It needs to be understood that much of the pornography out there contains unwilling participants subjected to violent and humiliating conditions without the ability to fight back or escape.


“More money’ spent on porn than Pro baseball, basketball, football combined. You’ve got this growing, unhealthy, extreme addictive, Internet environment [and] a limited number of women who are willing to enter into that lifestyle… Its slavery, its abuse, its rape for money. So when guys are telling me, “I watch that and I masturbate, nobody gets hurt,” [they] should talk to the girls on the back end of the story.”

SOURCE: Pastor Mark Driscoll, Mars Hill Church, Seattle (Jacob’s Story)

“If a trafficking victim is forced to engage in a sex act that is filmed or photographed for sale as pornography, then the production of pornography itself becomes a severe form of trafficking in persons that is subject to criminal liability… Participation as a nude model for soft-core pornography that does not involve a proscribed sex act could be a form of labor trafficking… Production of pornography that involves sex trafficking in persons is not purely theoretical. (“Rape Camp,” live interactive bondage sex shows from Cambodia with pay-per-view access in which customers could relay requests for torture that would be fulfilled within seconds.)”

SOURCE: The Protection Project: Journal of Human Rights and Civil Society


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“After I began working as Consultant and Private Investigator I learned of a massive operation in the United States that involves Asian appearing women who are paid to engage in sex acts for live streaming from a web site over the Internet. Customers all over the world pay with a credit card to watch the sex acts in actual time. They also have the means to communicate with the participants and tell them what sex acts they want them to do. This operation, in addition, involves Asian appearing females in various apartments in the United States working as prostitutes to service customers... I am not sure if the women are transported here from Japan, China or Southeast Asia, but they speak the language of the customers or businessmen that fly into the United States for sex with them.”

SOURCE: Roger Young, who joined the FBI in 1975, where he worked on obscenity, child pornography, and prostitution cases for more than 23 years. He now serves as a consultant to both law enforcement agencies and nonprofit organizations.

“Pornography is also advertising for prostitution. Men learn how to use women by looking at and masturbating to pornography, often developing a taste for prostitution [Footnote omitted]…Women have explained that they study pornography in order to know how to perform prostitution: “I watch pornos and act like that in the room [with a john].” [Footnote omitted] Men show pornography to women to illustrate what they want them to do. Strip clubs show video pornography to promote lap dancing and VIP-prostitution. Legal brothels show pornography in the waiting area to speed men along in their purchase of women…Pimps make more money from johns when they advertise women in prostitution as “adult film stars” who are available as "escorts.""

SOURCE: M. Farley, Prostitution & Trafficking in Nevada: Making the Connection, Prostitution Research & Educ., 153-154, 2007

“How’d you like to make your own private x-rated home movie? Imagine 3 very young girls and you as the star. How much? Less than $65.00. Yes, that price includes the 3 girls.”

“If you brought your camera and/or video camera, there’s nothing more exciting than making your own private collection of nudity photos and XXX rated home videos. When you see yourself on TV doing it with two or three young girls at the same time, well—hey! You’re a star! Yeah you’re fat, toothless and stupid, but sure, you’re a star.”

“You’re going to have to trick them…Let’s talk about making porn movies. Don’t let your date see the video camera. Not even for a second. She’ll know what you’re up to if she so much as gets a glance at it. Don’t let her see it.”

"They use pornography to promote sex tourism. Sex tourists produce pornography. And…there is a continuum between pornography, sex tourism and trafficking."

SOURCE: Slavefarm, Sex Tours and the Pimp John T.: Using Pornography to Advance Trafficking, Sex Tourism, and Prostitution – Ken Franzblau