Mike’s Story (told by his wife)

My ex-husband was addicted to pornography since he was a child. His father would give him Playboy magazines from the time he was 10 on and said that was how he became a man. I knew he looked at pornography sometimes, but didn’t think it was a big deal. I got pregnant right after we were married and I would find him in the middle of the night looking at porn downstairs. I thought it was my fault. He insisted he needed it to just unwind from a hard day’s work, but that he loved me.

After 12 of a difficult marriage, I found out he had been cheating on me. He even admitted to going to prostitutes. I was heartbroken. We had 3 kids. We went to counseling and he said he wanted to make it better, but he refused to admit that pornography was part of the problem.

One year ago, the police showed up at my door. They told me my husband had been arrested at the airport and charged because he had been caught buying children for sex in Cambodia. I didn’t even know he had left the country.

I have spoken with him one time since he was arrested and he claims that his addiction to pornography got so bad that he was driven to this. It is hard for me to blame porn for this hell, but I know it has had a tremendous impact.


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